Kevin Lozaw

Kevin LozawPhotography has been a passion from an early age. My grandfather’s basement darkroom provided my first opportunities to watch the magic of a photograph emerge from the ether of a developer bath. While I rarely use film these days, my passion for all things photography is stronger than ever.

It may not be entirely accurate to refer to my images as photographs, they all started out as photographic images.  Some just grew up to be something subtly, or entirely, different.

I use many creative methodologies in pursuit of my Vision.  Today’s technologies enable me to explore and develop photographic images in ways heretofore unimagined. My goal of “visual clarity” remains, as I attempt to transform each image into precisely what I saw, emotionally, at the point of capture.

I strive to engage the viewer in my work by its evocative nature rather than any particular methodology used to create it.  If you pause long enough to ask yourself a question, any question, then I have succeeded.